In this day of cost matters our proven methods of design, engineering and production of the realization of your dream are very effective. We are one of the few design offices that offers very accurate and detailed hand drawings as a preliminary design phase to you our client.

You may ask "Why do you do that when many others only draw using the computer?"


Preliminary Design requires 80% of the mental thought to guide the design to its design brief, but only 20% of the project documentation is produced.

Detail Design requires 20% of the mental thought to guide the design to its design brief, but needs to produce 80% of the project documentation.

Hence the correct use of design tools at the right time will create the cost effective blend to realize Your Dream.. Your hard earned cash invested is carefully used in a very cost effective manner; by our team. Additionally our quotations are very competitive delivering the same high quality  in a controlled and directed structured design  method.

To explain these very valid reasons is that the sketch  by hand will always be far more closer to the dream that is evolving for your wishes and being transposed to the Designer. A free hand sketch done by skilled artisan professionals taught in an age when hand drawing skills were the norm will collect more rapidly the mind´s thought and transmit it to the hand and paper. This fact of the time of synapsing the design during meetings will allow Us as Your Designer to create the visual  in a natural way. Additionally the cost savings which are not often told to clients are very signinficant especially in the preliminary design phase. To this end after the sketch has been discussed and agreed upon... even before the end of preliminary design, we then create computer aided dedicated views and  lines plan to give the preliminary science of the hull.  We can create computer generated renderings that are dedicated to particular visual  investigation. All this work in the preliminary design represents 80% of the mental energy in the creation of Your Dream and its document. The production of drawings is 20% of the total final design. This means that we are saving costs and fees by insuring that the time spent is  at the right time. The savings of cost in the use of hand drawn methods in small scale supported by lines plans generated by a computer software under the control of our profesionals will yield an accurate design that is done with a significantly lower cost than our comptetitors who commit their design too early to the subjection of computers. The usefulness of computer aided design is to create accurate  drawings for production. This focus on accuracy too early in a design phase often focuses the wrong emphasis at the wrong time.. The use of skilled and accurate hand sketches and drawings allows the design to be seen from the "big picture" longer and due to it being less time consuming allows more options to be reviewed more quickly than any computer based design would. In general computer time is the most expensive time for any design office.. and hence its use should be done not with liberality but with careful planning. Today, it is  seen that many are unable to do skteching by hand as this is an art of the past... At Richard Brooke Yacht & Naval Architects our team continue the tradition, that was taught to Brooke by such great mentors,  as Jon Bannenberg, Paola D. Smith, Olin Stephens and his firm Sparkman & Stephens; all of whom He had the great privilege of working with, or being mentored by, as a younger yacht/naval architect. The balance of both traditional and modern is the goal of our firm to produce the very best for you.

Our design methods are very accurate in the preliminary design phase and even small scale A4/ letter size drawings have all the correct accuracy to be then transmltted into the working drawings of the detailed design phase.  Maintaining small scales means that our costs for transmission of designs is much lower. This allows us to communictae very rapidly and with low tech internet requirements. The necessity for computer aided design software for the production  of working drawings is a reality in this day and age. Our office has such software which allows us to continue the design by entering the preliminary design hand sketches and then continue into the detail. Our blend of methods for your maximum benefit.

The advantage of being able to have this unique methods allow our team to be on the cutting edge; able to work by hand when power is not available and to be able to use the modern production softwares to create the accurate plans. In addition, we do extensive modelling both with scale models and with computer modelling. All work is done with the goal of reaching the exacting solution to meet your needs and keeping the design budgets within cost effective ranges without sacrificing exceeding your wish list.

Finally all our work is easliy transferrable to collaborating partners such as other specialists and yards.

In conclusion  we use the best tools at the best time to create the best for you.

A flexible effective method.